About the Author

Kevin Christmann is the author behind Nervous Nolan Bison.

He is a father, husband, and an IT Professional. Like many kids, his son loves animals; but what is not particularly common among kids is his son’s favorite animal…a bison. As you might imagine, there aren’t a ton of children’s books about bison.

His son also loves to read, and they’ve had a lot of success reading books about many of life’s “firsts” with him. Whether that was going to the doctor, the dentist, going on the potty, or becoming a big brother; his son really seemed to benefit from reading about what he was going through in life. Combine that with the fact that they were having a little bit of a struggle with potty training (specifically #2), and one night while his wife was doing a puzzle, he decided to write a story.

It turned out not to be the total disaster he expected, so he decided to get an editor and see how much of a finished product he could make it.

After a bit of research about self-publishing and finding an illustrator etc. he was able to make his vision come to life!

After such a positive reception to Nervous Nolan Bison Goes Poopy on the Potty, Kevin decided to write the next installment of Nervous Nolan Bison; Nervous Nolan Bison Goes to School.

He hopes to write more stories about Nervous Nolan’s other experiences.